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Friday, April 4, 2008

Hotel Stay Sparks Interest

I had the pleasure of staying at the Ellis Hotel (Winecoff) recently. I had no idea upon my arrival of the history surrounding the Ellis, however, after viewing the historic marker outside I became intrigued by the story.
I was reading your book last evening. I should have gone to bed, but I had to finish it... Great book, I loved the train of consciousness style in the "during the fire" chapters. It conveyed a feeling of anxiousness and confusion that was very appropriate.
Of all the pictures in the book, the one that hit home most was the one on page 27 of Irene Justice in room 624. Having seen for myself the window sill in room 1122, I could envision myself in that situation. I looked at that alley and pondered if it was crossable and if those windows on the other side were breakable. The book was truly captivating...Thanks for a wonderful read, Philip

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