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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dorothy Moen Remembered

Dear Authors,

I have read your book. Dorothy Moen (room 730, survivor) was my father's sister. Although scars were evident on Aunt Dorothy, I did not know the story until well into my adult life. It was just not talked about.
Though I hear it was painful for Dorothy to talk about it, I am glad the story was extracted from her and preserved for us to hear. I admired her but gained a new level of understanding after reading the book. I want to pass it on as a piece of family history to my own daughters, who have taken an interest in journalism, making movies and writing.
I am looking forward to viewing the updates on your website.

Vicki Moen Samas, Mansfield, Texas

Dear Ms. Samas,

How kind of you to write to us. We knew and admired Dorothy Moen and remain in close contact with her daughter, Janet. Dorothy's determination to overcome her severe injuries and make a full life for herself was an inspiration to all who knew her.
It was her idea to first reunite the fire's survivors in 1993 and Janet made it happen.
A year later the Atlanta Fire Department became involved. They blocked Peachtree Street for a plaque dedication ceremony and extended their tallest ladder apparatus up against the Hotel. That was a dramatic show of their readiness to meet the challenge again but also a reminder that no ladder can reach above the tenth floor. Dorothy was as prim as ever that day and was singled out for an interview on one of the TV news channels.
Dorothy was a treasure and no one has been more helpful to us over the years than Janet.
Be safe,
Allen Goodwin

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