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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Reader in Kansas Writes:

Dear Mr.Goodwin,
Very seldom has it been possible for me to say thank you to a book's author, or tell them what a good job they did in relating their material. Thanks for an excellent and readable documentation of the Winecoff fire. You made that night a vivid picture in my mind, as if I had been there. In my view, that is the mark of a good author. I only wish that the public in general would be more aware of their own responsibility in promoting fire safety at home and away from home. Perhaps yours readers might be made more aware of that need after reading this book.
Good work, sir, and stay safe,
John B. Broski
Overland Park, Ks.

Dear John,
Thanks for your kind compliments about our book. I couldn't have done it without the able guidance of my co-author Sam Heys. We too hope our book advances fire safety awareness among the public.
All best,
Allen Goodwin

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Suzette Broski McClure said...

I was surprised at your last name. My maiden name was Broski. My father was originally from Lorain, Ohio, but settled with my mother in her hometown of Griffin, GA. Her brother was Bobby Sollenberger who died in Room 1126.
I was checking the website today, as this is the anniversary of the fire. I never knew my uncle and I think about what a tragedy it was for my grandparents to lose their only son and my mother to lose her only sibling. I wonder what my life would be like if he had been in it.
Thanks for your interest.