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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reader Lauds Historic Presevation

Hello Allen,
I have been enjoying the updates on winecoff.org. After church this morning my friend and I finally visited the Hotel Ellis for the first time and had brunch on the terrace. What a wonderful (and rare) story of historic preservation in Atlanta, and how nice to see 176 Peachtree a happy place again after so long.
Thanks for all your work,
Greg Earnest

Hi Greg,
Great! I'm glad the weather was nice for you today. As you know, the terrace was part of the the building's original 1913 design but was removed after the fire in 1946. It was not included when the hotel reopened in 1951 as The Peachtree on Peachtree Hotel. The dining terrace was restored to the structure in 2007 with the opening of Ellis Hotel.
Thanks for staying in touch,

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